Take some quality time just for you, with one of Julia’s truly decadent half-day retreats – the ultimate self-care treat.

Lie back, take a deep breath and relax as your senses take you on a journey to your dream destinations. The aromas and atmosphere of these beautiful places are brought to life by signature blends of essential oils, specially selected ingredients and products, bespoke soundtracks, décor and appropriate therapeutic techniques. These luxury, multi-therapies will transport you on a 5-star trip of a lifetime.

Each destination has a specific benefit to your skin and well-being, so choose according to your needs or preferences. All therapies include approximately 30 minutes relaxation time at the end, with themed refreshments or something of your choice.

“What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.”

Janet Fogerty


Let us whisk you away on a magic carpet ride. Opulent drapes and aromatic elements evoke the warmth of the Arabian desert in this candlelit delight.

We begin with a traditional hammam cleanse and exfoliation of the back. This includes dry brushing, foaming black beldi soap, kessa mitts and fragranced hot towels. Hammam means ‘spreader of warmth’ in Arabic and you will certainly feel that as we move into the massage ritual, where warm candle oil is trailed over
the whole of the upper body. The massage movements are large, firm and flowing, designed to be utterly relaxing when combined with the aroma of damask rose from the candle oil.

As the guedra drum pulses to your heartbeat you will be indulged in a sumptuous facial featuring honey, mint and aromatic spices to freshen and hydrate your skin. And you don’t have to leave our little oasis too soon, rest awhile after your journey with a mint tea and Turkish Delight.

Half day


Come island hopping in the Pacific with us. Transported by the aromas of coconut, gardenia and hibiscus to the sounds of the waves with gentle music, this is top to toe exotic bliss. Luxuriate in a Tahitian blossom body polish, containing fine particles of organic sugar to buff your skin to smooth perfection, and natural Tahitian coconut monoi oil macerated in blossoms of gardenia, considered the ‘sacred oil of the Polynesians’. natural sugar extracts gently combine with water to turn the clear balm into a creamy milk, rinsed away with scented hot towels.

Your skin is left smooth, soft and fragranced with natural hibiscus. This is followed by a Hawaiian lomi lomi top to toe massage that mimics the movement of the waves on the beach and the wind in the palm trees, using a kukui and coconut oil. Truly a tropical paradise escape for mind, body and soul. Extend your stay with us a while, recline and sip a bora bora mocktail as the sun sets.

Half day


Drawing from the wisdom of eastern philosophies we bring you this multi-therapy to nourish your yin energy. We seamlessly link a Thai foot massage, our Japanese hand ritual and Eastern acupressure facial massage by using unifying white tea oils and mists, with aromas of jasmine and ylang ylang. Jade massage stones are used throughout to massage and release muscle tension. Jade is believed to heal stressed organs and discharge toxins, while slowing the process of cell ageing and strengthening the body’s natural defences and healing power.

The Oriental atmosphere is enhanced by the music and helps you to practice the ancient art of tranquillity along the path to inner peace. Enjoy your very own tea ceremony afterwards with a jasmine infused green tea.

Half day


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